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meDerek D. is an experienced options trader. After successfully making the transition from being a full-time trader from Computer Programmer, he traded his own account, from his home, profiting successfully since 2006.  Derek continues to teach entry-level traders, specializing in Options Trading, Futures, Forex and Risk Management.


"When I first started trading, I had no idea what to do or where to start. I would load up my trading account with a few thousand bucks - lose it all, then start over and over. I felt like a failure because I knew there was big potential in the markets, but I was struggling to even make one winning trade.


I realized early that I need to start reaching out to other traders and find out what I’m doing wrong. As I started building a network and talking with other traders, I began to learn the secrets. I was afraid to take the necessary risks of “selling” premium, instead of always “buying” premium and failing.


Once I began to flip my thinking into selling premium effectively my trading account began to grow. I wanted to keep it growing and teach other people what I was doing. I felt that if I could do this, then I could definitely teach others to do it. My goal was to make this trading thing HUGE - so I applied and won a position at a hedge fund as a risk manager and trader.


Working at the fund gave me access to even more knowledge from other seasoned traders. These traders have been in the business for over 30 years and helped me immensely. I quickly learned how to test my trading systems and refine them.


I also learned how to control my anxiety and emotions during the trading day - how to stay calm and always think several moves in advance BEFORE I took the trade. This was HUGE.


I poured all of my knowledge into the OptionBoost course, which continues to this day.


OptionBoost has been going strong since 2008. I’ve helped thousands of students learn and refine their option trading strategies. Men and women, young and old. Even traders with many years experience have joined - and we learned from each other. This course continues to build on itself and help people who want to run a successful trading business.


I’m very proud of all the traders I’ve been able to help over the years. It’s a huge gift to have something which can be shared with this many different people.


If you need help with learning more about option trading, or need help getting better at your trading craft, I’m always here to help you achieve your goals. Reach out to me anytime.