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21 Jul Where do I find trades?

I read a lot. I mean, a lot more than I have in the past;  a lot more than I did in high school, or even college. I read from good sources, bad sources, reputable sources and from sources that could hardly even be considered "news". Why...

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07 Apr My Trading Screens

I get a lot of questions about how my screens are setup. So here are a few screenshots of my monitors with some short explanations. The first monitor is a general overview of the futures market, along with some simple daily pivot points to help spot...

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02 Aug My trading setup

I've gotten many emails over the years regarding specific questions about my setup, what platform I use, etc. So I thought it best to give you guys a complete rundown of everything I use on a daily basis. Please understand, that just because I use...

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17 Jul How to roll an option

A common question I receive is how to “roll” an option. Basically, rolling an option simply means that you are exiting one contract while simultaneously entering into a new one. In fact, the software platform ThinkOrSwim allows you to do this very simply by right-clicking...

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17 Jul How much to risk per trade?

One of the most common questions with beginning traders is “how much do I risk”? While this seems like a no-brainer type of thing…it can actually get quite out-of-hand quickly if not properly addressed. I’ve seen many traders risk substantial amounts of capital on one...

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