Being that this is decidedly a blog about options, I reluctantly mention this stock which is getting a nice pump today. The only catalyst I see for the move is a positive Seeking Alpha article which is (as of this writing) driving the price up a cool +50%. Yes, I’m aware of their contract with Disney, however this particular run-up is based on the opinions of an “analyst” who is compensated for page views to his articles – so call me a bit suspicious of the current price action.

I have my eyes on this one for more follow-through possibly tomorrow, then I’ll be looking for some reversal patterns to get in short (if my broker has shares available). If I don’t get a clear sign to short, I’ll leave it alone – but so far it’s looking like a pretty good setup (if you are into this type of thing).

Also, I’ll be putting this Seeking Alpha author on my radar for new articles – as he seems to have done a nice job with this particular pump.

Stay tuned