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Even if you are a newer trader, or you are not really sure what a "stock option" is.

Welcome! My name is Derek Devore. I have been profiting from options trading since 2006, both as a home business and previously in a hedge fund. I will teach you everything I know about option trading and how I grew my account using my “premium selling” system.

Let Me Ask You..

  • Do you have a passion for trading, but are getting frustrated by most trading systems on the internet which don’t give you what you need?

  • Are you a trader who is constantly jumping from different trading systems, trying to find the magic one which will make you profitable?

  • Do you find yourself being scared of option trading because you think it’s too complex or difficult to understand?

If you can relate to these problems, then my 10 week course is the answer.

Now Available: The OptionBoost 10 Week Training Course

A premium online course and proven path for making winning trades, commanding the market, and mastering your attitude and fears.

I've taken other video courses before on trading, but no one took the time to explain the concepts to me directly like Derek did.. He explained things to me until I got it.
I was completely new to the world of option investing before I bought this course. After learning the fundamentals along with the setups OptionBoost provides, I am now having my first profitable month.
I took the course once, then took it again, and again. There's just too much to get in one pass. I like the follow up support Derek has given me. He is quick to respond and his answers are very concise and useful, just like the course.

How I learned to successfully trade options

When I first started trading, I had no idea what to do or where to start. I would load up my trading account with a few thousand bucks - lose it all, then start over and over. I felt like a failure because I knew there was big potential in the markets, but I was struggling to even make one winning trade.

I realized early that I need to start reaching out to other traders and find out what I’m doing wrong. As I started building a network and talking with other traders, I began to learn the secrets. I was afraid to take the necessary risks of “selling” premium, instead of always “buying” premium and failing.

Once I began to flip my thinking into selling premium effectively my trading account began to grow. I wanted to keep it growing and teach other people what I was doing. I felt that if I could do this, then I could definitely teach others to do it. My goal was to make this trading thing HUGE - so I applied and won a position at a hedge fund as a risk manager and trader.

Working at the fund gave me access to even more knowledge from other seasoned traders. These traders have been in the business for over 30 years and helped me immensely. I quickly learned how to test my trading systems and refine them.

I also learned how to control my anxiety and emotions during the trading day - how to stay calm and always think several moves in advance BEFORE I took the trade. This was HUGE.

I poured all of my knowledge into the OptionBoost course, which continues to this day.

OptionBoost has been going strong since 2008. I’ve helped thousands of students learn and refine their option trading strategies. Men and women, young and old. Even traders with many years experience have joined - and we learned from each other. This course continues to build on itself and help people who want to run a successful trading business.

I’m very proud of all the traders I’ve been able to help over the years. It’s a huge gift to have something which can be shared with this many different people.

If you need help with learning more about option trading, or need help getting better at your trading craft, I’m always here to help you achieve your goals. Reach out to me anytime.


Module 1: The Foundation

Lesson 1 - What is an option?

Let's dive into what an option contract really is and what makes it different from any other investment method. At the root of it all, an option is nothing but an agreement between two parties - that's it. Learn how powerful this concept can become.

Lesson 2 - Implied Volatility. What is it?

Implied volatility is the engine which drives the entire option market. It is a gauge of fear and greed which you can exploit if done correctly. We learn how to break down its different components and how to spot opportunities which others miss.

Module 2: The Nuts and Bolts

Lesson 1 - The "Greeks"

The "greeks" are the metrics in each option contract which can be though of as different ingredients to the recipe of implied volatility. These different metrics also give us clues as to what is going on in the overall market - so we can prepare our trades and adjust accordingly.

Lesson 2 - Intro to Spreads

In the spreads module, is where we start using our knowledge to construct or strategies. "Spreads" is nothing more than using more than one option in are strategies. I will teach you the best spreads to construct so that you have an advantage.

Module 3: Advanced Concepts

Lesson 1 - Ratio Spreads

Building from the spreads module, we begin to break into more advanced techniques and expand our knowledge to prepare for most any market situation.

Lesson 2 - Position Sizing, Risk Management

At the root of ALL TRADING, is position sizing and risk management. This is the cornerstone to successful trading. This module teaches you many different ways to control you position sizing and to refine your risk management to your particular trading style.

Module 4: Advanced Chart Setups

Lesson 1 - Chart Setups

Chart setups are specific triggers you can visually look for in stock charts which signal you to begin a trade or to adjust or get out of a trade. I will show you several different setups which I personally use to be profitable.

Lesson 2 - Credit Spreads

This is where we start to get into the concept of selling premium, or selling risk to others. This is the main concept in the course which allows you to start earning a steady income from your trading without losing on unnecessary risk.

Module 5: Live Trading

Lesson 1 - Hedging Your Positions

I will teach you how to manage your positions to where they offset each other - spreading your risk out evenly over your entire portfolio. This will help you see the big picture of your account and how every trade you make fits together with the others to make a strong portfolio of trades.

Lesson 2 - Live Trade Setups

I have compiled a list of live trade setups which I have captured on video. These trades pull together every concept and strategy we have learned up to this point. Seeing live trades in this manner is a great learning experience and helps to put everything into context.

Plus, exclusive bonus content

Bonus 1 - The Art of Selling Premium

This particular module is the meat of the entire course. The idea of selling premium is at the forefront of my strategies. I teach you how to effectively sell risk to others and use that money to fund your other trades. We discuss very advanced topic of how to swap out trades or "split" them in half to make them neutral. This module will change the way you think about trading.

Bonus 2 - Live Trade Review Videos

I create live videos of trades which describe each trade in detail. These videos are great review and learning tools. In each video, I discuss the trade from start to finish, why I took the trade, and why I won or lost on the trade.

I took a pilot position in AAPL, just like you taught in the course and it shot up 200%!! I'm gonna take my profits now and relax for the rest of the month.
Thx for explaining the option greeks in a way I could understand...using the accellerator pedal analogy really sunk in... very powerful.
Derek thanks for being so patient with me. I am finally starting to get it when I need to adjust option spreads. It makes total sense now.

Guaranteed results, or your money back

I know the strategies in this course work. They've worked for me over and over again throughout the years. And they work for my students, too -- both new and experienced traders alike.

So I'm willing to guarantee your results. If it doesn't work for you, you don't have to pay. Why should you?

If you follow the steps and videos in the course, and don't get results, you can opt-out for a full refund within 30 days of signing up. Just email me, show me you used the strategies I taught you and I'll send you a full refund that same day.


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